adult bible study

The Wednesday evening adult Bible study is held at

6:30 PM in the Newkirk room

and is led by Sheldon Barnette, Assistant to the Pastor.   


Meets September thru April


Starting September 25, 6:30 in the Newkirk Room

a study on Genesis 1 (the creation chapter);  followed by a study on Isaiah is planned.


The study is a review of the scriptures in various ways:

  • One way we study, is by taking a single book of the Bible and review it from beginning to end---allowing the book to pose its own theme, as well as answer its own questions. 
  • Another approach is to take a subject (e.g. Biblical prophecy) and peruse the various books of the Bible to investigate their contribution on that subject.
  • Yet another approach is to take a human condition/relation (e.g. marriage) and follow the theme of God's Holy Spirit as he teaches us from scripture the way of Christian behavior.

Together, we hold a sincere interest in study and fellowship as we look into the scriptures---

the Word of God, the Bible. And taking a line from an old hymn, we invite you to:  

"Come then, and join this holy band, and onto glory go....."  


Sheldon Barnette:

disciple I

Disciple is a program of discipline Bible Study aimed at

developing strong Christian leaders.

Two - Disciple 1 classes have begun ~ Sunday mornings (8:30 - 10:30) and Monday nights

(6:30 - 8:30).   Please contact the church office for additional information.

* above photo of graduates giving testimonies after competition of Disciple One study.

Disciple II

Disciple: Into the Word Into the World is the second study in the four-phase Disciple program and is prepared for those who are graduates of Disciple: Becoming Disciples Through Bible Study. This study proclaims the transforming power of Scripture while teaching Bible study skills that take participants deeper into the Scripture. 

Disciple II begins the 34 week study on Tuesday, September 3rd at 6:30 pm.

Our Young Adult Ministry is in the infancy stage.  Sierra Short is proposing a group for young adults in college, post high school education, the military and those beginning new careers that can 'meet' online through social media and, during the holidays, meeting in person to enjoy local worship events as a group.  Sierra would love to hear from you ~