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K-Love offers more than just Christian music on your radio - their website offers livestreaming to your device, faith devotionals, access to pastors, prayer, Verse of the Day, giveaways, podcasts, videos and much more.  

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K-Love also offers 'AccessMore' podcasts that inspire and encourage you to have a meaningful relationship with Christ.  Download the app today and 'accessmore' for your faith, your family and everything that matters most to you.  Also listen to streams of encouraging radio stations K-Love and Air1.  


    Resurrection Power has been operating in Washington, PA since 2001.  Their mission has been to ‘Carry the Message of God’s Love for People Affected by Addiction’.  They operate 4 recovery homes in the city of Washington for those suffering addiction and/or alcoholism.   In these gender-specific homes they provide men and women with a safe, supportive, structured and spiritually focused environment for recovery.  They currently serve more than 40 residents who live in their homes where they become a community focused on learning how to live life without the use of drugs or alcohol and to take their next step in their relationship with God.  Find more information at: or by reaching out to the Executive Director, Rev. Robert Hedges at 724-328-2943 or  


    CCA is excited to announce the opening of new locations in Charleroi and Uniontown.  Connect with a counselor online or onsite.  Services including counseling for:  depression, anxiety, marital issues, relationship problems, workplace problems, grief and loss, addictions, family or parenting problems, anger management.  They also provide psychological testing, online counseling, parenting classes, marriage classes, workshops and presentations, clinical supervision for clinicians and organizations.   

    Charleroi CCA

    City Reach Church

    1006 Fallowfield Avenue

    Charleroi, PA 15022


    Uniontown CCA

    Asbury UM Church

    20 Dunbar Street

    Uniontown, PA  15401


    Washington Location

    22 Cortez Street

    Washington, PA  15301


    Additional locations can be found at their website listed below

    CCA has added podcasts to their website.  Click the link to be directed to their website.

    The mission of Christian Counseling Associates (CCA) is to provide excellent, accessible, and comprehensive counseling from a Biblical worldview. Our counselors are experts in the field of clinical mental health and highly trained from accredited institutions. They are active in their local faith communities, have a heart for God, and are gifted in serving those who struggle with cognitive, emotional, and spiritual issues.


    Addiction is a crisis in our communities.  From a spiritual perspective, addiction in all its forms results in the formation of spiritual strongholds and bondage in the life of the addict.  A spiritual stronghold is a habitual pattern of though, built into one's thought life.  The foundations of these strongholds are based in lies that are spiritually dark, or even satanic in influence.  Patterns such as these affect attitudes, emotions, and behaviors.  this can lead to spiritual bondage or a type of slavery that deceptively leads to increasing levels of addiction and loss of life.  For this reason, CCA is stepping forward to provide services for those who find themselves trapped in addiction  CCA is now licensed to provide outpatient and intensive outpatient rehabilitation services in Greensburg and online across PA and OH.  Soon our faith based addiction programs will be added across Western PA, Eastern OH and WV.  

    CCA will continue to provide Christian Counseling to those struggling with any mental health issue, marital issue or family concern, including coronavirus fatigue.  Connect with a counselor online or onsite or join a Covid-support group.  Don't struggle alone with anxiety and other challenges.    Let CCA help.  

    CALL 724-396-1510

    Connect with Christian Counseling Associates @
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