• prayer garden

    Please take a few minutes and stop at Grace's

    Prayer Garden and have a seat because

    one is never closer to God than in the Garden!


    The mission of Christian Counseling Associates (CCA) is to provide excellent, accessible, and comprehensive counseling from a Biblical worldview. Our counselors are experts in the field of clinical mental health and highly trained from accredited institutions. They are active in their local faith communities, have a heart for God, and are gifted in serving those who struggle with cognitive, emotional, and spiritual issues.

    Coronavirus fatigue is becoming the chief complaint of 2020.  CCA provides resources for the road ahead.  Connect with a counselor online or onsite or join a Covid-support group.  Don't struggle alone with anxiety and other challenges related to the Covid situation.  Let CCA help.  

    CALL 724-396-1510

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We know that prayer makes a difference ~

contact the BGEA anytime 24/7.   


pet food response program

The Washington Area Humane Society in coordination with Agway has started an Emergency Pet Food Response Program.  

Pick up days are Tuesdays and Fridays.  Volunteers are ready to deliver to those who are disabled, seniors or immune-compromised.