Building Use


Dates and times for all weddings and rehearsals must first clear the church calendar.   Contact the church office to confirm availability of our facilities

(724-330-5350; It is preferable that the date be scheduled months in advance and should be confirmed with the church office before you book your reception venue.

The marriage license and all fees should be in the church office at least 2 weeks before the wedding date. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania will recognize a marriage as legal when performed under a valid marriage license duly issued by the Clerk of the Orphan’s Court. A license is valid for sixty (60) days from the date it is issued.

The traditional Ritual of Marriage of the United Methodist Church will be used in the wedding ceremony celebrating the covenant of Christian marriage. The officiating clergy person will provide pre-marriage counseling, direct the rehearsal, lead the wedding ceremony and make sure all legal paperwork is completed. Most weddings will require a rehearsal. The date and hour will be set in consultation with the approval of the officiating clergy person. If you are having a rehearsal dinner, to help in your planning, please note that rehearsals are approximately one hour in length.

wedding Fees and costs

Members of Grace church and active worship attendees are not required to pay a fee for the use of the church building; however financial gifts to Grace church are appreciated.

Sound tech/custodial service - $90.

There are times it is hard to find one of our tech/sound system coordinators to have a Friday evening and Saturday available. We will do our best to find someone to make this weekend commitment well in advance.

Organist – it is preferred that our current church organist, Terry Klorczyk, be procured. The couple should contact Terry as soon as possible to verify her availability. The fee will be arranged between the organist and the couple. Terry can be reached at 724-258-3406. 

Couples who are not members or active worship attendees are required to pay a fee of $340 (which includes the sound tech/custodial service) and should contact our organist listed above to verify her availability and to obtain her fee. A ‘hold the date’ deposit of $170 must be received at the time the wedding is booked; with the balance due no later than two weeks before the wedding date.

Our Pastor does not charge a fee for his services; however, most couples compensate him

with a monetary gift for his time.  

Use of Our Fellowship Hall & Kitchen

A. Fees

  1. Persons who are either members or active worship attendees of Grace may use our fellowship hall and kitchen at no charge for such activities as birthday or anniversary parties, bridal showers, wedding rehearsal dinners, wedding receptions, funeral dinners, etc., provided that the church member or active worship attendee shall be the ‘contact person’ who is responsible for: making the reservation; cleaning up afterwards; seeing that their group adheres to the rules that are stated and implied in this policy. A donation to the church for the use of the building would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Persons who are neither members nor active worship attendees at Grace may use our fellowship hall and kitchen at a fee of $100 per each event, payable in advance of the day of the event.  If payment is not received by that time, the church office shall inform the contact person that the event has been canceled due to lack of payment. Checks should be made payable to Grace United Methodist Church.


B. Rules

  • Contact person understands that they are to supply all paper products and food items for their event, including dish towels. No supplies of Grace are to be used.

  • The classrooms, restrooms and hallway housing the Christian Ed Center are OFF LIMITS AT ALL TIMES to anyone not part of the school without prior approval, if school is in session or not.  
  • At the conclusion of each event, all groups shall return the fellowship hall and the kitchen to the condition in which they were found by: 
  • Sweeping the floor; mopping as needed (broom/mop can be found in the Boiler Room – first door on the right out of kitchen);
  • Putting tables and chairs back to where they were before their event (Set up Chart can be can be found posted on the kitchen and fellowship hall bulletin boards and doors);

  • Sanitizing all tables and chairs used; 

  • Cleaning the kitchen counters, floors, stove and sink.  All items used in the kitchen should be cleaned and returned to their proper place; 

  • Removing all food items not consumed;

  • Taking all garbage to the dumpster (located near the driveway near the basketball hoop and mailboxes);

  • Putting clean can liners in the garbage cans (can liners can be found on the wooden shelf to the right of the stove in the kitchen)

  • Take home any towels used, launder and return to the cupboard in a timely fashion; 


Any group that is found not to be in compliance with this rule will not be permitted to use the fellowship hall or kitchen again.

  • Reservations must be made by contacting the church office (724.330.5350 or and will be placed on the church calendar. Previously scheduled church activities shall take priority over any other event.  Scheduling will be arranged on a “first-come, first-serve”
  • Bingo, smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages are NOT permitted anywhere in or on church

  • No outside organization may conduct a profit-making event in our church building without the express consent of our Church

C. Opening and Securing the Church

  • Anyone using the church facilities must contact the church office to make arrangements for accesses to and securing the church for their event.  Following the event, the key fob is to be deposited in the lock box on the office door (located in the upstairs hallway).  ALL doors and windows throughout the building should be secured, all lights turned off, the hall swept and returned to how it was upon arrival and all garbage taken to the dumpster prior to leaving. 

D. Approved Groups

  • As of this date, the following groups have permission to use our fellowship hall and kitchen at no charge: The Grace dart ball team, the Clover Hill 4-H group, Kairos & Soccer Shots.